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When faced with the disruption of the pandemic, Lisa Sun channeled her mom’s advice to “act selflessly (not selfishly), do something (not nothing), and do the best she can for as long as she can.” Motivated by purpose and taking stock of her resources, she pivoted her lifestyle and fashion company Gravitas to create and distribute PPE to frontline workers – and aims to continue to shift the brand’s focus towards providing essential items that spark joy.

Lisa understands that during an upset or challenge, humans’ natural reaction is to experience paralysis. In an inspiring keynote address, Lisa will share how to take advantage of your personal strengths and individual “superpower” to identify ways to uniquely contribute and open up an entire solution-set for change.

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In a time when disruption is the norm, human resources professionals have responded with resilience, agility and a fierce focus on elevating the employee experience. Explore the next stage of HR’s journey into the future of work by immersing yourself in our three-day virtual event.

The C2HR CON Committee has assembled a dynamic group of HR thought leaders, visionaries and innovators to expand your knowledge, reinvigorate your passion for your work, and elevate your impact. You will also have the opportunity to create cross-company connections by networking with 500+ HR professionals from across the content & connectivity industry.

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